Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparation for the task: Santa

 The post was inspired by a conversation with my student about telling truth. And it is also a good topic for an energetic piece of writing.
 As for the conversation, we were discussing the poem by Emily Dickinson "Tell all the truth but tell it slant", and he said that it is a good idea in some cases to tell truth in a slant way. Developing the conversation I said that I'd prefer to tell truth directly to my children. And there was his question, 'Will you tell at the very beginning that there is no Santa?" But is there no Santa?
 The point is that I think that Santa exists. I don't mean a white-beard guy who comes to your house at night, but the idea of Santa is the Santa himself. He exists as long as people continue telling stories about him, as long as parents leave gifts under the New Year trees, as long as there is the anticipation of miracle in children's hearts.
 And when my child asks, "Who has brought the gifts, mummy?", I'll surely answer, "It was Santa." But when she grows up enough to ask "How has Santa managed to bring the gifts here?" I'll say that he does it through me and through your father. If there was no Santa there would be no gifts in the New Year night.
 What's more, telling truth in a direct way doesn't mean sitting in front of a child for hours and telling him everything what you know. It's just telling he truth he/she asks for.

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