Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mutating verbs (to french)

With the reference to my current experience and the article about mutating verbs, which I've yet to read carefully, here is a new family of English words with the same root.
To french every day.
It's becoming frenchier and frenchier.
I'm totally overfrenched. 
Unfrench me, please.
To french back and forth.
I'm going to french for two more weeks.
Sorry for having frenched the whole post, just can't help becoming frenchy.
Don't you think, it's rather frenchish from my side?
I'm having a frenchful experience.
See you in two weeks. Really miss my blog and frenchless way of life.
Gotta go frenching.


  1. Mayya, that's an incredible post!!!

    stand firm and call whenever you feel it's time for unfrenching)
    miss you and hope to see you soon!